Audiolab M-DAC mini

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Audiolab’s range of award-winning DACs, condensed into a slim, battery supported design you can take with you almost anywhere.
Following on from Audiolabs’s success with the M-DAC and M-DAC+ Audiolab have created the M-DAC mini.
Packed with tech, the M-DAC mini can handle resolutions up to 32bit / 384kHz with DSD file compatibility for supreme audio playback. M-DAC mini is compatible with a plethora of modern
devices including Android, iOS, PC, MAC – and with the inclusion of Bluetooth aptX wireless streaming, experiencing Audiolab’s energetic sound has never been easier.
It’s analogue and digital connections including a high powered 6.3mm headphone jack complete the package of a DAC that is big in features, with a mini exterior. M-DAC mini’s advanced circuitryis housed within a injection moulded polypropylene casing with a machined aluminium front plate and controls.

Following market trends the M-DAC mini caters for the Mobile phones and tablet industry as it becomes a more primary source for audio playback as well as complementing stand alone systems including other products in the Audiolab range i.e. paired with an integrated amplifier such as the 8300A. Android markets, trends are showing that users are looking for more and more solutions to
boost their audio power and resolution. The M-DAC mini will offer a leading feature set vs price, compared to the competition.

Aside from its USB connections for computers, tablets and phones, M-DAC mini has RCA analogue outputs, and Digital Coax / Optical inputs and outputs.
This means the M-DAC mini is easily paired into fully fledged home audio systems, with its advanced circuitry it will even outperform larger, full-width DACs. It’s also great for those who want a space saving way of adding digital connections to their existing active speakers or audio separates. Audiolab engineers have added wireless streaming with a Bluetooth connection utilising the aptX protocol for ultra-fast, high quality playback. This offers utmost convenience, especially in headphone applications, freeing up trailing wires in between laptops and phones, for an uncluttered desk space.
When being integrated into home audio systems, users can select music via Spotify, Apple Music or one of the numerous audio apps controlled by their device, without leaving the sofa.
M-DAC mini is equipped with a Lithium Ion 5000mAh battery. The battery plays a key part in the M-DAC mini sound quality – using a battery ensures power is
regulated from the digital to analogue domain and a stable, accurate performance in achieved.

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  • bestandsformaten tot 32-bit/384kHz,
  • DSD
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • Speelduur accu tot 7 uur
  • RCA-out,
  • coax en optisch in/uit
  • USB Audio input