Quad 22

The Quad 22 – II btube preamp and power amp combination is the predecessor of the 33-303 preamp and power amp combination. In 1953 the Quad II mono power amplifier entered the market together with the QC-II mono amplifier. The Quad II remained in production until 1971 and achieved a production volume of 90,000 total. The QC-II was succeeded in 1959 by the 22, a stereo version of the QC-II preamp. With the pre-amplifier 22 and two power amplifiers II, it was possible to enjoy music in stereo.
The 22 – II combination was often sold in combination with the FM1, AM2 tuners.

Work undertaken during the revision of a Quad 22:

  • All carbon composition resistors are replaced by carbon film resistors
  • All capacitors are replaced by modern capacitors of good quality
  • All capacitors are replaced by modern high-quality capacitors
  • Missing tape and disc adapter is installed on the inside of the the 22 (optional).
  • The suppressors on the on / off switch are replaced
  • The 2x EF86 and 2x ECC83 tubes are tested and replaced if necessary
  • TAPE / Radio1 input can be adapted / to be reduced to approximately 400mV for modern audio sources
  • The original volume potentiometer can be replaced by a modern ALPS potentiometer

Vintage Audio Repair is the specialist when it comes to overhauling Quad 22 – II tube preamp and amplifier combinations. Because of the many years experience and knowledge of materials we can restore your legendary Quad 22 – II combination back to new condition.
For cosmetic revisions please contact us. The original paint is specially blended for Vintage Audio Repair by a paint specialist making it even possible to restore hopelessly rusted Quad II’s and 22 back to new condition. During the revision only high-quality components are used.