Tonar Vinyline Phono vv

We zijn blij om deze hoogwaardige voorversterker van het merk Tonar aan te bieden voor de betere kwaliteitssystemen van alle merken. Met een signaal naar noiseratio ver boven wat een plaat kan produceren, zult u dit toestel nooit ontgroeien. De patroonmodus selecteren op de Vinyline-voorversterker kan in de modus MM (bewegende magneet) of MC (bewegende spoel) worden gebruikt. Als u niet zeker bent van het type cartridge, raadpleegt u de informatie bij de cartridge of raadpleegt u Vintage Audio Repair. Met de drukknopschakelaar aan de achterkant van het apparaat kunt u de juiste instelling voor uw patroon selecteren. Met de schakelaar ingedrukt, bevindt deze zich in de MC-modus en met de schakelaar in de MM-modus.  Zorg ervoor dat de voeding is losgekoppeld voordat u de modus wijzigt om mogelijke overbelasting van het signaal te voorkomen.



  • Input impedance: MM: 47k Ohm/100pF, MC: 100 Ohm/100pF
  • Output voltage is: 200mV/1kHz
  • with MM input of 5.00mV/1kHz
  • with MC input of 0.45mV/1kHz (aka MC 2.25mVout cartridge produces 1Vpp or 1 volt out)
  • Gain: MM: 32dB, MC: 53dB
  • Signal to Noise (Noise floor):
  • MM: -88dB MC: -79dB
  • THD: 0.005%
  • RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy: 20Hz – 20kHz / max. 0.5dB
  • Power supply: 15V/200mA

Connecting the turntable:
Before making any audio connections, please disconnect the power supply.

Connect the turntables audio cable to the “IN” jacks on your Vinyline preamplifier. It is important
that the left and right channel connections are made correctly: the right channel is usually marked
red and the left channel is usually white or black. If there is a grounding wire connected to the
turntable, it should be connected to the “GND” terminal post. Please refer to the photo below.

Connecting to the amplifier:
Connect an audio cable from the “OUT” jacks on the Vinyline preamplifier to a line input on your
amplifier (e.g. AUX, Tuner, Tape, CD). (Do NOT use an input marked “Phono” as it will be overloaded
by the already amplified signal). Again, make sure that the left and right channels are correctly connected.

Power Supply Connection:
The Vinyline phono preamplifier is supplied with a power supply suitable for your local hydro type
(e.g. 110 or 220v). Check the label on the power supply to be sure you have the correct type for
your area. Before plugging the power adaptor into a wall receptacle, first connect the low voltage
output lead from the power supply to the “16V AC” socket on the back of the Vinyline preamplifier.
(refer to photo on P.1) Do not use any other adaptor except the one supplied.

Common Troubleshooting Tips
• No audio signal on one or both channels:
-Audio RCA plug not fully inserted into the jack of either the Vinyline
preamplifier or the main amplifier.
-Defective cable plug or a break in the cable.
-Power supply for Vinyline not plugged in or Amplifier not turned on.
• Noticeable hum:
-No ground wire connection from the turntable to the Vinyline preamplifier grounding post.
-Possible ground loop problem. Try different grounding scenarios, such as removing the
grounding connection or connecting directly to the main amplifier grounding post.
• Output from the Vinyline preamplifier too loud, too soft, or distorted:
-Incorrect setting of the MM/MC switch. Turn down the amplifier volume control and change
the MM/MC selector switch. Slowly turn up the amplifier volume control to verify that the problem
has been corrected.